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77 Hanson Street

Glasgow G31 2HF

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About The Artist

Brian creates art in two different mediums, oil on canvas and stained glass. His art reflects not only the ideals of beauty, but also a fascination with the Romantic and Symbolic themes of passion, magic, love, loss, transformation - spiritual and physical.

He is interested in the classical and medieval worlds of myth and legend, poetry and literature, which portray beauty, death, regeneration and immortality. His work is very figurative and the characters he portrays, usually exist in haunted, mysterious landscapes.

Brian was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland and from an early age, always loved to paint and draw. When he was a teenager, Brian and 2 friends formed a rock band called Heavy Pettin with Brian playing bass guitar. A few years later he went on to attend Glasgow School of Art but dropped out after 2 years because the band suddenly had a record deal on its hands. Six years and 3 albums later, the band split and Brian returned to his  passion for art. After spending 5 years as a book and album cover artist, Brian decided that he had to follow his own visions, in the form of fine art painting, drawing and stained glass. Brian shows his work at various exhibitions in the UK and all his stained glass is done to commission.

When making stained glass, Brian uses traditional techniques such as acid etching, fired paint, stain and enamels, all of which have been employed by artists and artisans for hundreds of years. This enables Brian to produce beautiful, evocative and remarkable art.

necropolis II