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This commission is an unusual one, in that the client approached me with a small photocopy of an Edward Burne- Jones drawing which he saw in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. The drawing was part of an overall design that Burne-Jones did for William Morris who had been commissioned to produce stained glass for the Vinland mansion built in Newport, Rhode Island, for Catherine Lorillard Wolfe. The theme of the windows was the 3 norse Gods... Odin, Thor and Frey. above the adventurers Thorfinn Karlsefne, his wife Gudridr and Leif the Lucky, son of Eric the Red. These were the figures that appeared in two tiers on the staircase window, with three smaller panels above, two with inscriptions on scrolls flanking a viking longship. Unfortunately, the stained glass was removed in 1934 and the panels dispersed.

Except for one of the viking longship panels and Lief the Lucky, the whereabouts of the remaining panels is unknown. There is no known decent photograph, in black and white or in colour and that presented a real problem when making the panel and still remaining faithful to the original drawing of Burne-Jones.

I would love to do the remaining missing panels... if someone would commission me to do them but in any case, i was pleased with the finished panel as was the client.